Covid - 19 Measures

2021-2022 Season
Stageworks Academy of the Performing Arts (SWA) is taking a proactive approach to helping reduce the spread of COVID-19. Besides practicing and encouraging customary healthy habits, the studio will put protocols in place to minimize contact and promote wellness, including those related to:
1) Disinfecting and Sanitation
2) Studio Entry/Exit
3) Capacity Limits
4) Modified Studio Processes
5) Student Lounge and Equipment
6) Reporting Illness
7) Ethical Responsibility
8) Studio Closure
9) Amendments and Adjustments


​​​​​​​To help minimize exposure to communicable illness, our studio is professionally cleaned with nontoxic, hospital-grade products twice per week by a janitorial service. Teachers and administrative staff work to further maintain the cleanliness of the studio by following a defined cleaning protocol before, between, and after classes.


In the interest of reducing the spread of COVID-19, SW evaluates dancer health prior to entry through temperature checks and tracking and tracing as per AHS. Staff members are evaluated regularly, as are contractors and other personnel doing business within the studio. By entering our facility, staff, contractors, and students attest that they have no symptoms of COVID-19 and that they have no immediate household family members with symptoms of a COVID-19. Students and staff are required to hand sanitize as well as wear a mask when entering and exiting the studios. Time in the classroom may be adjusted to accommodate entry/exit procedures. Entry protocols may be modified or discontinued as the threat of COVID-19 is reduced.


Stageworks Academy (SW) has limited the number of people inside the building to only essential staff and students. Dancefloor space is limited to a specific number of students per square footage, ie. Thompson Hall maximum is 16, Young Studio is 15, and Mackenzie Room is 10. Water fountain is NOT ACCESSIBLE. The kitchen area, and student lounges are off limits to students.


Students will be required to enter/exit the studio, wait for class, and store items in an organized way prescribed by SW that encourages wellness and minimizes exposure to illness. All requirements MUST be followed. SW offers a tech-enabled, hybrid dance program (running in-person and live-streaming classes simultaneously). The studio reserves the right to modify class offerings (temporarily offering live-streaming classes only in the event of a shutdown). It is the goal of SW to offer in-person dance class as usual unless specifically precluded by AHS.


Stageworks Academy’s (SW) Lounge is closed at this time. Students will be required to leave the studio is they are waiting between classes. Students who train together, ie. accelerated are a cohort and will be allowed to eat on Saturday’s in their assigned studio. The microwave and refrigeration are off limits, so students should bring bagged lunches. Onsite storage will not be allowed and students will be required to remove all items from the studios.


Students, or any other person within Stageworks will be notified by Alberta Health Services directly. Stageworks will not notify students, family or staff of possible cases or results of those cases. Those who tests positive for COVID-19, or who live in a household with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, after having entered the building are asked to report to this information to SW immediately upon receiving notice of the positive result.


Stageworks Academy (SW) will not disclose the name of the person who has tested positive for COVID-19 or been directly exposed. By timely reporting, SW has fulfilled what we believe to be our moral and ethical responsibility, and SW will not offer medical advice or opinions concerning COVID-19. Families who receive reports of exposure from SW are advised to take necessary precautions according to personal belief systems and guidance by pertinent health professionals. Live-streaming class options will be available for those who wish to voluntarily quarantine after receiving notice of potential exposure from SW. ​​​​​​​


Stageworks Academy (SW) reserves the right to close the studio and cease classes when it believes health and safety are severely compromised. However, SW asserts that potential exposure to a person who later tests positive for COVID-19 or who later reports having been exposed to COVID-19 does not constitute an obligation to close the studio or mandate quarantines of those affected. Those who choose to leave their homes and conduct business in public spaces or participate in public activities are constantly exposed to communicable illnesses, including COVID-19, and accept the risk of exposure. ​​​​​​​


Stageworks Academy (SW) will amend policies and adjust procedures without notice to protect and preserve the health and safety of those who enter the building and/or to comply with Alberta Law. Any changes to policies or procedures will be clearly and timely communicated to families via email, and text message. Parents are urged to employ at least three (3) methods of studio communication, read all studio communications carefully and completely, and offer grace and flexibility when the studio must adapt to ever-changing circumstances. ​​​​​​​